Technology and lookup from the Ivano-Frankivsk Degree and you may Browse Institute out-of Government

Immediately following graduating out of Ivano-Frankivsk Education and Search Institute regarding Government, students can take another ranks: head of all amounts of management; lead out of joint solutions as well as their structural devices; direct out-of international economic departments; agent to have global innovation, financial government otherwise around the world agreements of your own business; pro of numerous departments of enterprises; organizer regarding small and medium organization; associate for recommendations, logistics, creativity administration teams; community representative; bonds agent; monetary movie director; financial economist; pro regarding the ties business and you may stock-exchange businesses; appraiser-expert; liquidator-manager of possessions out-of debtor enterprises; insurance professional; inspector for range company; borrowing inspector; county inspector; head accountant; monetary movie director of an accountant corporation; accountant-auditor; direct away from a review organization; auditor; accountant-expert; accountant-cashier; accountant-auditor; economist during the bookkeeping and you may business research; state inspector; president of councils, administrations, committees, divisions, throughout the related Ministries, regional governments as well as their exec committees; expert, professional, mentor otherwise agent with the financial items, decentralization, social responsibility, energy-efficient and energy show, standardization, degree and you can top quality; representative of Ukraine otherwise its region inside the all over the world teams toward activities away from local notice-regulators and you can green innovation; analyst-economist; economist in domestic, overseas organizations and you may enterprises; lead away from quick, typical corporation; assistant head; economic expert; economic professional; agent to the international monetary circumstances; adviser for the internationally groups, affiliate practices of overseas companies, joint solutions, embassies, government firms .

Group meetings that have top coaches in operation, therapy and you may societal existence, bullet tables which have agencies off social government and you can regional governments improve new student’s skills

Ivano-Frankivsk Training and Look Institute from Government earnestly cooperates into after the associations and you may groups: LLC « Vector-West », LLC « Laconica », PE « WEST-MIM », LLC « Budservice Ivano-Frankivsk », PE « Technoimpex », LLC « Kontango-service », PJSC « NAFTOKHIMIK PRYKARPATTIA », JSC « Ivano-Frankivsk « , LLC « Zakhidlismash », LLC « Stirol », LLC « Halka – Ivano-Frankivsk », PJSC « Ivano-Frankivsk Dining Factory », PJSC  » Euroins Ukraine », PE Service Cardiovascular system « Sphinx », PJSC « Impulse », PJSC « Electrosvit », PE « Cypress-tour », LLC Legal organization « IFLEX « , Le « Proton Co », LLC « Cheremshyna », PJSC « Ivano-Frankivsk plempidpryiemstvo », Agro-commercial firm « ZLAK », LLC « Eco TECHNO China », PE Contacting team “Parasolia”, SE VO “Karpaty”, LLC “DK Zakhid Euroservice”, LLC Editorial place of work of one’s magazine « Reporter”, CS “Skarnytsia”, CB “Privatbank”, JSC “TASKOMBANK ”, JSC “Oschadbank”, JSC « Raiffeisen Lender Aval », PJSC CB « Accordbank », United Territorial Communities out of Zahvizdia, Sivka-Voinylivska and you may Solotvyno community out-of Ivano-Frankivsk part, Ivano-Frankivsk Penitentiary Institution, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Medical Cardiology Dispensary, Ivano-Frankivsk Local Logical Medical, Ivano-Frankivsk Local Psychoneurological Health No.step three, Institution out of Knowledge from Nadvirna Region Condition Management inside Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Chief Agency of State Treasury Service off Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk Urban area Council, Agencies out-of Finance of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration, Condition Tax Inspectorate in town from Ivano-Frankivsk, new Pension Money away from Ukraine for the Ivano-Frankivsk, where youngsters have the opportunity to obtain practical experience, take part in internships, to gain a career .

Ivano-Frankivsk Training and Research Institute away from Management implements global collaboration with foreign lovers: Malopolska College or university from Social Government of your own Cracow College or university off Economics (Poland) .

The fresh new Departments of the Institute create research accredited because of the personal and personal organizations on raising the bookkeeping and economic items out of this new enterprise, the development of social-personal relationship, substantiation of FilippiinilГ¤iset kauniit morsiamet your business innovation plan, the fresh new character out of framework systems in your community, improving advancement techniques on firm, broadening information security of one’s agency, an such like. Youngsters of the Institute, each other undergraduates and you may students, get excited about medical search and you may get ready records to possess medical and you may fundamental conferences.

Beginner lives from the Ivano-Frankivsk Education and Search Institute from Management

Students regarding Ivano-Frankivsk Knowledge and you may Research Institute from Administration see a diverse amusement date. Specifically, foundation fairs have become traditional; « Frankivsky » Dish monopoly contest is a favourite. Celebrations away from condition and you can significant dates, preparing away from escape greetings throughout the day regarding Defenders off Ukraine, the day of Embroidery, the fresh Versatility Day of Ukraine and you can religious holidays offer an excellent splash from delight to everyday routine. Children together with observe Ukrainian clips, manage Shevchenko indication and you can commemorations of your Holodomor Commemoration Big date .

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