With the aid of good quack, the guy advances this new make believe information that he’s no further sexually potent

Mr. Horner, a guy with a reputation for lewdness. Recently returned from France, the guy finds out an effective types of duping naive husbands. Dumb husbands, searching for you to definitely escort and you may show off your its wives, receive brand new brilliant Mr. Horner on the residential property. Similar to this, he discovers his treatment for new bedchambers of many large-created women that no longer need to worry this new tarnishing out-of its reputations when they relate to a person since this one to is actually impotent.

Mr. Pinchwife, which, eg Sparkish and Sir Jasper Fidget, is a good cuckold just who helps you to trigger the very question he worries most, the fresh attraction out-of his naive wife. He or she is best as he says one cuckolds are brand new producers of their own bad luck. Dour, humorless, and you will excessively jealous, the guy takes all of the safety measure to store his partner off losing for the the newest predatory give aЕџk arayan sД±cak KД±rgД±zistan kadД±nlar off Horner. Foolishly, he is the very appliance one to brings about it experiences.

Mrs. Margery Pinchwife, their nation partner. She’s absolutely nothing aware of London’s pleasures up until the woman is told of them unknowingly because of the their particular spouse. Little by little, she manages to lose a number of her innocence up until, finally, she fits Horner. Next brief interlude, she learns what a great dullard their unique husband try. Cleverly, she manages to post a relationship page, carried by the their unique unsuspecting partner, to Horner.

Mr. Sparkish, a monotonous idiot who wants, above all else, as a wit. He could be entitled “a bubble, an excellent coward, a mindless idiot” that’s outraged. Credulously, he or she is duped because of the every the guy suits, always impression, although not, that he is a laughter, also on the most end.

Sir Jasper Fidget, the fresh new spouse out of Woman Fidget. Nearly this new equivalent out-of Sparkish for the absurdity, the guy unsuspectingly pleads Horner to-be an enthusiastic escort to own Lady Fidget. No matter if they are within the next area regarding lovers, he is clueless one their wife and you may Horner are trying to do something apart from selecting china plates.

Lady Fidget, a woman who would like to cover their own reputation of virtue at all will cost you. In public, she raves throughout the their particular chastity; in private, not, she informs bawdy laughs, products wines, and you will, inside her boudoir, finds out the fresh new indefatigable Horner a wonderful and you may exciting mate.

Alithea, a good comely more youthful woman, the brand new sister from Pinchwife in addition to domme from Sparkish. To start with, she remains real in order to their witless lover. After, however, she discovers Harcourt a far more interesting individual.

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Mr. Harcourt, a pal out of Horner. Brilliant and you will a bit unethical, the guy gulls the fresh would-be-humor, Sparkish, by the acting becoming a good and devoted buddy.

Lucy, Alithea’s housemaid, who’s smart adequate to assist Mrs. Pinchwife meet Horner. At the end of the play, she convinces Pinchwife and you may Sir Jasper that there has been no intrigue anywhere between their spouses and you will Horner.

Mrs. Dainty Fidget, who, including Woman Fidget, are infatuated which have Horner, particularly when she will associate with your rather than endangering their particular character.

Mrs. Squeamish, a special of all the female related Horner. Eventually, she learns, given that perform the other people, that she must display your with lots of women.

An excellent quack, through whoever professional status Horner can encourage the gulls away from their impotence problems. The newest quack facilitate him of the spreading this short article through the area. They are astonished if system really works so well.

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